I started Web Radio World in June of 2005 with the help and support of my family.  You see I had the idea to create a Shoutcast hosting company for internet radio broadcasters that focused on the actual needs radio station owner, on air presenters and the listeners without all the ‘bells & whistles’  and gimmicks.  I wanted to provide an easy service that saved people money.

Web Radio World does things differently from other services by offering no ‘gimmicks’ and providing simple, affordable and reliable hosting services which are used world-wide today by AM/FM radio stations, universities, colleges, car dealerships, malls, banks and international companies. We put together an easy to use system that is straight forward and gets you online and keeps you there.

We pride ourselves on giving everyone straight forward advice which sometimes means not purchasing our services. We would much rather make a friend who is happy then get a client who may not be happy with the services we suggested.  It is not always about making a sale, but it is always about getting YOU what you want and what YOU need.

Web Radio World: Proven reliability, Guaranteed results.  We save you money on your internet radio hosting.

Our Family looks forward to working with your family.  From L to R: Brandon, Pamela, EV, Daniel & Danny