Red Plan


Great for growing stations


Great for small stations and start-ups.  Your station will be able to stream to 50 listeners Slots at a time at a bitrates up to 128 kbps.

Shoutcast Streaming Technology as it is compatible with all major media players available today which is why it is recommended by Web Radio World.


Included with your station’ server package:

  • Free Setup
  • No Hidden fees
  • High Speed Global Network Load-Balanced Servers & Network
  • Listeners can use Winamp, RealOne or Windows Media Player
  • Powerful, Reliable and Scale-able Technology
  • Easily Upgrade or Downgrade
  • Flexible Billing Options
  • CentovaCast v3 Admin Section & Control Panel
  • Backup Files – Upload Intro Files – Start/Stop your Server – Change Passwords for Stream
  • Customer Interface and Admin Section Setup your own relay data
  • Setup Public/Private Server
  • Setup Title Format which is displayed in the player of your listeners
  • View Listener Logs in Real Time
  • Graphical Stats in Real Time
  • Geo Stats
  • Setup Ban List
  • Setup Reserve IP List
  • Detailed Streaming Reports




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